What if, suddenly, you feel that the boundaries are shrinking and that the walls are closing in on you? That no matter what you do, they are far too strong for you.

You push yourself and apply the maximum resistant force, yet the walls refuse to budge. The resistance falls away and the walls close in on you.

The ceiling is less than an inch away from the top of your head. You crawl down into a foetal position, the natural disaster-response mechanism of your body. But, can your body save you, if it is all inside your head?

There is barely an inch of movable space, your breathing becomes quicker, more panicked, your palms sweaty, your head pounding. The darkness becomes infinitesimally more absolute, until light ceases to exist. Your screams become muffled, and finally, stifled. With one final scream and a violent shudder, there is nothing but silence around you. The deathly stillness that is far more deafening than any loud sound.

After what seems like a lifetime, a tiny orange ball of light glows. The heavens open up and the world is your’s for taking.

Your constrained room with its boarded-up windows cease to be a curse.

The wi-fi is back.




P. S. I had another fun post lined up for this weekend. But, with my router down and the really bad mobile data reception in the place I’m currently in, that post wasn’t possible this weekend. An added prop of a large steel wall right outside my window, blocking all light and plunging my room into darkness, had me trying out different forms of writing. I rather liked this experimental piece in the second-person out of the others, hence I’ve broken tradition to put this one up.

Do let me know what you think about this experimental visual piece, in the comments below! 🙂

Until next weekend,




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