Why WATT? What WATT?


I’m G, a post-grad student from India in the UK. An ambivert, an awkwardly clumsy person, a dreamer, bibliophile and TV show addict. I love trying out new kinds of food, meeting new people and crossing things off my bucket list. My spirit animal is a panda, as I can relate the most to it, everything except being cuddly.


The WATT!? Blog is my personal attempt to infuse my kind of humour into the situations I face, and to be a humble guide for anyone else attempting the study abroad experience.


The WATT!? Blog could be multiple things; an accented sigh of exasperation, the tube light moment, a great and powerful idea, or just an abbreviation of the name of my blog – Worth A Thousand Tales.

Why a Thousand Tales?

I am someone who grew up listening to stories and loved telling them, especially narrating an interesting personal story. This is my way of letting out stress, and the blog is an attempt to get back into writing and chronicle interesting experiences that I faced.


The WATT!? Blog can be found right here at WordPress, with plans to expand into other social media platforms.


The blog will be updated every weekend.